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Tori Ann Donnelly

White Wash - Art Print A3

White Wash - Art Print A3

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I often visit Bunyun Miirlarl now known as Corrambiirin Point and imagine how it may have looked and felt before 1917. It is a known sacred place and yet there is no transparency in written history of how the island became occupied by foreign peoples and eventually labelled a quarry.

This is a womens place as told in the sunrise, depth of an ocean to represent how in an instant thousands of years of repetition can be lost. White represented here alike to smoke and mirrors so you can't see the blood of my people through the cracks.


The original work appeared in Saltwater Freshwater Art Award & Contemporary Cultural Objects Touring Exhibition 2021


Acrylic and medium on canvas

Unframed digital print

Print size A3 + white boarder.

Paper size 320mm x 450mm

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