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Emily Mainhardt

Duru Wulala - Night Sky

Duru Wulala - Night Sky

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Duru Wulala - Night Sky

Artist: Emily Mainhardt

Emily is a proud Gunggari woman living and creating contemporary Aboriginal artworks on Gumbaynggir Land.

These pieces tell the story of an Andu (young child) and their Ngadi (grandfather) looking up to the Duru wulala (night sky), pointing at all of the constellations telling each other what they can see.  

Knowledge of the skies is a living part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and continues to evolve. Through story, song and dance knowledge to read the intricate map of the sky and landscape is transferred between generations. 


Two canvases sold as a pair

Acrylic on canvas

Each piece is 125 x 92cm

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