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Jason Ridgway

Badarr Barrundalayi (Dolphin Dreaming)

Badarr Barrundalayi (Dolphin Dreaming)

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Our people would sit and sing to the water and call the fish in close to shore. The dolphins played a massive part in this process and would herd the fish up and bring them in. The two would share in the feast of fresh fish.

Acrylic on Canvas
Stretched Canvas
1520cm x 1010cm


I am a proud Aboriginal artist from the Dunghutti/Thunghutti Nation of Kempsey on the NSW Mid North Coast. I absolutely love and cherish my culture and hope to pass on all that Ive learnt to the next generation.

I started using art as a coping mechanism to help with my depression - I find it to be healing as it allows me to tell my life story.
I've evolved into a successful artist creating stunning artworks on various mediums for a broad range of customers and corporate clients, through commissioned work and private sales. My creations can be found on apparel, signage, murals, corporate branding and even surfboards just about anything!
My passion is turning ideas into artworks, creating stories from my personal experiences and also from others. Some of the stories shared through my art have been passed down to me from my grandparents and their brothers and sisters.

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