Nyaaga Migangguwa Butjungguwa, Joedie Lawler

Nyaaga Migangguwa Butjungguwa is a solo exhibition by Joedie Lawler
On Display
20th December 2023 to February 17th 2024

Birrbay Artist / Weaver  (Birrbay pronounced Biripi)

(narka Mig- arn goo-wa Boot- jung- goo wa) (boot like foot)
looking through black eyes
Joedie Lawler is a Biripi woman and artist who has been painting for over 30 years in a contemporary Aboriginal style. Some paintings are about Joedie's culture, stories of country and some about feelings and emotions.
Joedie says 'I loves to paint it takes me to a space where I'm free, my mind is open and my imagination can run wild. I also weave and love trying new and challenging things. I also love to share the stories of my art and see the connections others identify with my creations.'