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Matthew Flanders

Black She-oak Clapsticks

Black She-oak Clapsticks

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Hand crafted clapsticks 24cm in length made from Black She-oak. Burnt eagle design and tracks. These have been coated in tung oil with additional markings on them.


All timber is sustainably sourced and each item is made environmentally friendly from fallen trees. No plants or animals are harmed in the process of creating these items. Items are sold with the intent purpose being for display, education or ceremonial use.

Clapsticks or Music sticks are used to maintain rhythm with Aboriginal voice chants during ceremonies or whilst walking ancient songlines. It is an ancestral instrument that may traditionally accompany the didgeridoo. Clapsticks are often made from hardwoods and can be decorated using ochre or burned to create patterns and symbols to tell stories of the Dreamtime.


Matthew Flanders is a Gumbaynggirr artist, and cultural educator. 

Matthew's cultural journey started as a little boy, growing up at Garlaamga (Coramba), following the Elders and his Dad across country, learning the ways of the bush, including different foods, locations, stories, and how to make tools.

"My father always encouraged me to learn more and create more. I am privileged to walk in his footsteps, passing on my knowledge to the community."

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