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Lilly Clegg

Everything on Her Mind - Post Card

Everything on Her Mind - Post Card

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10cm x 21cm

This piece is about Connection to Country

In the time before technological distraction, we were in a constant state of connection and awareness to what was happening in the forest around us. We'd look our for animal signs, a rustling of underbrush, a squawking of disturbed birds, the slow meander of a goanna up a tree. We'd look out for seasonal signs, what was fruiting or flowering, and what that could mean, not just for collecting the food, but what the change of season meant, what other things would be plentiful or migrating, now that that plant was flowering or fruiting. When you are connected to the land, you realise that everything is connected

Lilly is a Gumbaynggirr Artists from Girrin-da (Corindi Beach), I have strong ancestral ties to the land and ocean, and this is what inspires my art and my work in the arts sector: Nature and connection to Country.

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