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Rachel Cross

Swimming Holes

Swimming Holes

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I have a lot of childhood memories where our family, uncles, aunties, cousins, would go to the river for a day of swimming and fishing. The adventure to the river was a highlight but it was when you got to your favourite swimming hole the fun began.

The river connects the swimming holes, the swimming holes are the feature of this painting as the swimming and fishing holes are what I remember the most.

Acrylic on Canvas
61cm x 61cm

I was born in Kempsey and grew up on the Mid North Coast, Telegraph Point and Port Macquarie area. I am a self-taught artist and I started painting around 2016.
The inspiration and the colours for my paintings come from the rivers, the bush and the wildlife. The plants and the animals of the surrounding areas; particularly of Telegraph Point, of the local beaches, and of the wider Port Macquarie area are my subject matter.

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