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Lilly Clegg

Muurrbay Tree - Magnet

Muurrbay Tree - Magnet

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14cm x 11cm

In Gumbaynggirr Culture this sacred white fig was once growing between two clan groups, but now it is a place in the heavens that people travel to when they pass on. The journey to the Murrbay Tree takes a year for a person's spirit to travel, and this is why we do not speak their name, see their face, or hear their voice for a year after they pass, because to do so brings their spirit back to you through the bond you share, and they must start their journey all over again.

Lilly is a Gumbaynggirr Artists from Girrin-da (Corindi Beach), I have strong ancestral ties to the land and ocean, and this is what inspires my art and my work in the arts sector: Nature and connection to Country.

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