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Saltwater Freshwater Festival Tee

Saltwater Freshwater Festival Tee

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Official 2024 Festival T-Shirt

Modelled here by Kyindi, the very talented Dunghutti dancer.

The annual Saltwater Freshwater Festival, 1st June 2024 at Smithtown Riverside Park in Smithtown, Dunghutti Country.

This years artwork is by Thunghutti artist Tyler Stackman-Green.

Family Connections depicts Gurrgiyn, the totem of the Thunghutti\Dunghutti people. Surrounding Gurrgiyn are the symbols of people, sitting around a circle encompassing the praying mantis, this symbol, to me represents the importance of family connections. My family belong to the Thunghutti people, and no matter where we are, we are all still connected by our blood ties to Thunghutti. This is represented by the camp-site symbols dotted throughout the piece. While my handprints are symbols of my own personal connections to my family, my ancestors and to the Thunghutti people.


Tyler Stackman-Green was born and raised in Walcha on Thungutti Country and has been practicing art since he was a young child. He works in many different styles and mediums including painting, drawing, leather burning, egg carving, digital art, and wood carving.

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